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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Innovation is treasured among Republicans, especially legislators wanting to keep that "A+" rating/endorsement from the NRA. Wanting to have those orange card mailings, in district, when it counts.

Tony Cornish, would you really have teachers pack heat? Or is this strictly grandstanding becuase in your judgment it advances your career?

An AR 15 next to the desk? A belted Glock? Or a make-my-day magnum? An ankle holster for added security?

Do it now, Big Tony says to Strib:

"They can talk about all the gun control laws they want to, but nothing really in the laws that have been passed will stop a guy like this," Cornish said. "The only thing that will stop it is a bullet."

[...] "What I'm proposing is somebody that's already there," he said.

He added that the Connecticut assailant knew the school was a "gun-free zone" and there would be "nothing meeting him in the form of resistance." He added, "If he would have thought that the teachers would be armed ... this person would have been very wary of being shot. He probably would not even think about it."

Heather Martens, head of Protect Minnesota, a gun-control organization, said Cornish's idea is "nuts." [...]

Is this just talking to Strib to assure NRA lobbyists that he'd lick NRA boots even after a walk through the pasture? Or has the esteemed legislator worked with staff to draft a bill? And if a bill is ready, will Hackbarth be a Republican cosponsor? As a family values issue, families valuing armed educators.

Put a machine gun in the principal's office?

Await a film, "Gunfight Outside the Study Hall?"

Kids, don't smart-ass outside the faculty lounge.
They will come out locked and loaded.
Don't risk a fatal case of red dot disease.
(The one on the left is the civics teacher.)

Ann Coulter argues the conceal/carry side of things here. I have no idea how accurate the anecdotal info is that she provides, but she is who she is, and she has edited out bystander harm events of the kind that might exist to cut against her arguing points.

_________FURTHER UPDATE__________
Extrapolating the good Sheriff's and Coulter's arguments to their logical conclusion, what should black teenagers have done after the Trayvon Martin shooting? It was an event where waiting for a police response was proven insufficient, where something more immediate seemed needed? Why were such esteemed voices as Ms. Coulter's then silent? A policy wonk happened to be on vacation? What?

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