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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jobs, jobs, jobs.

Chomsky, this link.


Foxconn. Guardian re Foxconn.

From a wage slavery point of view, who are the Republicans' bleated-about "job creators?" Why, from that perspective, should the 99% bow and scrape to these mythic Ayn-Randian figures of Rand-repute? What are they, the 1%, taking out of the system the Republicans tout? And at whose expense? With who buying into things?

How have they successfully marketed Scott Walker, and are we a nation of stooges and easily fooled fools? What was the status of unions in Europe from the 1930's into the early '40s? Did unions threaten somebody's sense of order? Where is ALEC headed?

For a somewhat differing perspective, Watchdog woofing:

And as for Hamilton's wealth, this is just another example of the envy of the liberals.

Yes, Hamilton has been successful in life. And it was all earned. From a childhood of poverty in rural Nebraska, Hamilton served his country in the military and then moved on to become the first in his family to earn a college degree.

He then took the risks associated with business ownership and started Micro Control Company at his kitchen table.

The Watchdog would submit that Anoka County is far, far better off with Harold Hamilton counted among its citizens.

The county is far better off with the 170 high tech, high paying jobs Fridley-based Micro Control offers.

The county is far better off with Harold Hamilton's charitable works, which have enriched the lives of thousands of school children in the county, fed the hungry here in the county, and have offered a better quality of life through the enhancement of amenities like Springbrook Nature Center.

Here's an idea for your next letter, Roger.

Tell us about your service in the military.

Tell us all about how many jobs you've created for Anoka County taxpayers.

And do tell us of all the financial contributions you've made to local food shelves, schools, colleges, universities, and cultural organizations.

The good news here is that the Watchdog is done giving time and attention to both Roger Johnson and Dan Erhart, hopefully.

Erhart lost his re-election and he's not coming back.

Roger Johnson is merely attention seeking and it's not really worth the effort to spend any more time on a man who is laughed at in most circles.

Then again, when personal attacks are launched against Harold Hamilton, the Watchdog will be there to respond.

In a different web posting, the Watchdog used "doth protest too much" language.

If deals at the executory earnest money contract stage in Ramsey don't flip and instead close as represented, Landform might have brought McDonalds and a Super America into Town Center along with consequently created jobs.

_________FURTHER UPDATE_________
The cited Chomsky item has a link over at the end, and there are a sequence of five conversation blocs, none of which link back to a starting page. For anyone wishing to scan or read the series, here is the opening item; here, the intro page. If not agreeing with Chomsky, there nonetheless is value in reading to understand what he is saying. One can sensibly argue the same about Ron Paul now or Bill Buckley before his death. In contrast, Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell or Ayn Rand is not worth the time. The first two are obfuscators while Rand was a simplifier to the point of absurdity. And it took her a thousand twenty pages of repeated simplistic homilies where you read and say, wait you've said that six times already. Feeling as she did, she took Social Security payments.

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