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Friday, December 28, 2012

ABC Newspapers coverage of Anoka County activity appears to be mainly Peter Bodley's jurisdiction.

Navigating the website. News about fees and levies, e.g., here and here. Both items authored by Bodley.

The ABC website does allow region-specific review within its coverage locales; e.g., Anoka County,


If you have not already been taking advantage of such features, explore the top menu bar on the home page,

Older items: Poking around the ABC Newspaper archives also may amuse some readers,

It appears the archive link is not on the home page, but using the search box for "archive" gives

a page where reference and the link to the archive pages is given. Note, however, in dredging through the archives you may find that not all items get archived. That has been my experience in looking back at Crabgrass posts where ABC Newspaper links have become dead links, and resort to the archive is unhelpful.

Some sites have a helpful "sitemap" link at the foot of the page, but ABC Newspapers homepage does not.

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