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Thursday, December 06, 2012

ABC Newspapers - County legislative lobbying priorities include the Armstrong - Hwy 10 interchange in Ramsey.

ABC Newspapers, on priorities going into the new year, here; and on lobbying detail, here.

I expect that in order to succeed on convincing bipartisan legislative support on the merits of the highway interchange a county effort to recruit Jim Deal to testify before legislative committees might be helpful. It would mean that county officials would have to put aside election time issues and feelings, and move on.

I do not see it as Jim Deal's having to ask, as much as having to be asked. And, beyond public things such as committee appearances, Deal can lobby on his own, as he may choose, as with any one of us going to legislators and other officials, wanting to be heard.

I expect a safety and emergency response improvement project is something Harold Hamilton would also see as beneficial to the county. I hope the Watchdog news and opinion outlet chooses to explore the interchange-improvement issue.

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