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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Three links, here, here, and for actual interesting info, here. For now that's it. Hopefully there will be UPDATE possibility.

As an example of how muddy the waters are, the first two links:

Same thing? Different? Affiliated? Wholly separate?

That first link states in part:

Not affiliated with any campaign or organization * Questions: (@4OurRevolution on Twitter)

As a curious person I have emailed to

I hope he does not blow off the inquiry, but instead helps shed light on the present dark matter.

a modest screen capture - click to enlarge

Not affiliated with any campaign; so why the three featured candidates; and state-by-state endorsement? Is endorsement affiliation; is Francis a Jesuit? I do hope to learn more. Not that I have a problem with any of the featured threesome. Just who are we dealing with? If not them, or their campaigns? Bernie's capitulation to the Clintons is part of the focus. DWS is gone from the DNC, but her miasma lingers.

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