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Friday, August 12, 2016

Sharp knives.

HD 31A, Daudt defeated Duff, but either the endorsement matters among low-turnout HD 31B Repubs, or they simply got tired of the Planned Parenthood Parking Lot Gunman:

Strib Aug. 2016 primary election results

Best wishes to Susan Larson in the HD 31B general election. And to Sarah Udvig, HD 31A. Turnover would be a refreshing result, expected or not.

According to a pre-primary post by Sorensen at Bluestem Prairie, Hackbarth had the usual crowd working his corner, but he is who he is and HD 31B Repub regulars, who endorsed Bahr turned out, and much of the rest did not care. Some of Hackbarth's reported politicians-in-support was from out of district BUT the worse of the out of district meddlers, Freedom Club, backed Bahr. So, Bahr is that bad that the inner-party cadre in district, and the worse of the out-of-district forces combined to oust Hackbarth from the Trump-led ticket.

Will the Planned Parenthood Parking Lot Gunman run as an independent? Or will he be content to walk the walk, through the revolving door, to lobby for evil things? Cozy with Baak's Rangers in poisoning the earth? For a likely bigger paycheck than the legislative salary?

Before November's general election, we shall see the decision making in that district. Among the Repubs. Readers interested in asking whether a ballot run as an independent is in the cards; this link, for contact info.

__________FURTHER UPDATE__________
Image thumbnail captures from here:

That is five grand, just so the PPPLG (a/k/a Mining Committee Chairman) knows who his friends are. Knows and hopefully remembers, if/when an opportunity arises.

ERROR CORRECTION: Three grand. Not five. Two separate dated reports, the later being cumulative per date of the Cummins spouses' generosity being the same contribution date, on each item. A distinction without a material difference? Cummins and the affiliated Freedom Club PAC cut checks for Bahr; against Hackbarth; anti-incumbent, even in their own party. Party incumbency was a non-factor; party endorsement favoring Bahr, was a factor? Who besides the perps know what causes and motives were in the minds of the perps? Amounts and dates, yes, known evidence. State-of-mind; you tell me.

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