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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Reader help on whether there is online info about further hacking.

Specifically, comments are requested from any readers who might have seen posted info about:

Hacking of the FBI? Including of possible recovered deleted server contents?

Hacking of Obama-Lynch Justice Department files and records?

Hacking of the Clinton Foundation? The Clinton Global Initiative?

Hacking of communications of Doug Band? Of Teneo Holdings?

UPDATE: The Clinton Foundation of Sweden? Breitbart did post.

screencapture source

One of that firm's on-the-payroll at interesting times employees capable of being of material import to its touting: "experts analyze and forecast domestic and international political developments and their implications in order to anticipate events before they become action-forcing." In the context of the son-in-law's hedge fund investor haircuts, where there were counterparties who did better via trades building the hedge fund portfolio, the sentence intrigues, "In this way, political analysis can provide a look around the corner to alert investors and corporations to upcoming risks, and opportunities."

Add to the "Is there hacking news" list:

Hacking of Goldman Sachs? Of Blankfein?

Has the shut-down Hellenic hedge fund trading and communication data been suitably preserved? If so, is there any news of actual or attempted hacking?

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