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Thursday, August 04, 2016

NEWS: OLD DOG LEARNS NEW TRICK: Finally Realizing/Admitting Robert Cummins can be a rich, meddlesome a__hole. [UPDATED]

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A guess is Andy Aplikowski learned what the dog learned, only one election cycle sooner. Cummins and Freedom Club afoot at financing inner-party mischief - then and now - and the dog now even woofs, "from outside the district." Abeler under Freedom Club/Cummins attack last cycle, okay with the dog, pee on Abeler's foot, etc. But now in the crosshairs a hand that feeds the dog, Kurt Daudt, and it's woofing time, now. An incumbent Republican under outside attack - from an elite outside the district - okay last cycle, sin this cycle? Confused canines "reason" in such ways. Loyalty in a dog is paramount.

You learn the strangest things from the strangest sources. As a bet, Andy Aplikowski, whose blogging I enjoyed since he seldom minced words in speaking his mind, may agree with me that loyalty, or at least consistency in a dog, is paramount.

Dog's got problems. Dog's wrong. Dog's got "leadership" confused with blind following, blind obedience. Dog's got the BIG MUDDY SYNDROME. Andy's writing topped paw prints. He should resume. Dog should retire. Dog never even ran for dog catcher, just barks.

__________FURTHER UPDATE__________
At least the a__holes at Freedom Club are honest when reporting to the Minnesota CFB. They don't say expenditure for Aplikowski. They ADMIT - against Abeler:

Please, somebody who is a friend of Andy, pass on a heads up. Bastards who are not specifically his friends - who might even share in their minds the above recently woofed knife-in-the-back mischaracterizations of Andy.

Self admitted - Abeler's enemies. An admission from the heart? Or from grudging compliance from the out of district meddlers, with necessities of campaign finance law?

Back to the topic.
Old dog. Same tricks. Same old dog, so what else to expect? Again, Andy wrote from the heart, not from the ghost.

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