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Friday, August 12, 2016

News and commentary host Abby Martin and her "Empire Files" video series is not to be found on CNN, FOX, or "liberal" MSNBC (which gave hours of free time to Trump and imposed a channel blackout against the Sanders insurrection in the other corporatist party). Watch two segments. THEN: Go figure why owners set editorial policy bounds; with Martin and her insights excluded.

A conversation with Jill Stein; then a conversation with Chris Hedges.

Readers who never heard of Chrystia Freeland should watch online video of the young Canadian MP, here, here and here. Her persepctive is less bitter and cynical than Hedges. Yet insightful. Readers are invited to research how/whether her appearances are mirrored in her policy positions in Parliament. (I think she is still a Toronto area MP, as this is written.) But is she in her lesser revolutionary way equally or more doctrinaire?

UPDATE: Chris Hedges is an exceptional teacher.

Watch that video and understand why Jill Stein's candidacy is of major importance, the opportunity it offers, and why the Clinton family's continuum of the entire period we lived through running from Reagan to today represents a threat beyond family crookedness, but a threat residing within crookedness as a habitual context, demeanor and behavior.

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