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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Insult of the day: "This is really Katherine Kersten quality work." Ouch!

We got the whole world, in our hands, we got the whole wide world, in our hands .  .

Okay, how does the headline tie into the image?

Start with the headline, from LeftMN, (a have to read post) about how the media and DNC want to spin what the hacked emails show; the, "Nothing to see here, move along, how about them Russian hackers, the gall of that pack . . .".

Well, the fact is content outranks process. Spin all day and forever, the content showed a bad Clinton-DNC process, regardless of how the content was attained. Nobody in the Clinton family's cadre, including the DNC leadership pack, has denied the truth of what Wikileaks published. Bottom line: "But look over there ..." is lame.

The LeftMN post links to the Strib item it disrespectfully compares to Kersten authored content (is there a worse insult).

The image is from that Strib item, and it is largely irrelevant to the content of that item, which is Spin City and then some.

Yet what is sad is that it is little different from other media coverage - whether a Russian hack or somebody in Detroit at a PC got the downloaded stuff to Assange's Wikileaks people, the fact is the stuff is real and damaging to any sense of fair play by this current DNC pack, where having Wasserman Schultz thrown under the bus, or not, leaves us with the identical biased-from-the-start pack, apart from Wasserman Schultz. Nobody else in leadership resigned.

In fact, aside from Wasserman Schultz, Tulsi Gabbard was the only resignation of note, with her resigning pre-convention, over the stuff the emails made graphically clear. Bless her character and integrity in her resigning and endorsing Sanders. Gabbard's virtue was not a shared virtue among DNC's top mavens.

Now, time for reader decision. Is this post, itself, "really Katherine Kersten quality work?"

While I do not think so, . . . opinions can vary.

At least I and the LeftMN post do a pure reverse spin, back to what matters.

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