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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Commentary on the Libertarian option.

A sampling not intended as anything beyond that, of a ticket not deeply studied by this author: Two sources, no particular order;, here, here and here. SF Gate, here, here and here. Readers more familiar with that ticket are urged to submit comments giving other, possibly better links.

The Johnson - Weld Libertarian campaign site:

It seems the ticket faces the same lack of recognition Jill Stein fights: the duopoly has all the money and mainstream media in their hip pockets. They own big TV. There's little left to get any message effectively distributed.

It is up to alternate web publishing to help either of the outside parties to have a chance. With the extreme unlikeability of Clinton and Trump, there exists a kick-start opportunity. But seriously folks, contribute to Green or Libertarian Parties, whichever you favor, if you want more than a token option this election and are experiencing great indigestion over either or both of the the Dem's choice or the GOP movement to TRUMP.

Clinton has much baggage, Trump has much baggage, so at least get to know the alternatives you have in voting. Whatever your belief system and analytical skills, apply them and your money to generate something like a movement for alternative voting choices.

Lesser evil? Hey, it's still evil. Bear that in mind.

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