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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Bernie got the intelligent disgruntled mass approval; Trump, less so. Which is a fine explanation of the mainstream media collective blackout on coverage of Bernie.

This image. Worth a thousand words. So MSNBC and others gave Trump free time, none to his GOP opponents for the nomination, certainly a blackout on Bernie - if not a total balckout, a freeze.

Okay, that image is a bit extreme, perhaps exaggeration to make a point.

That point? There were two popular fueled-by-discontent insurgencies, one each party, each drawing crowds unmatched by party-hack regular candidates; yet mainstream TV only highlighted and touted one:



Crowds speak. Clearly people are/were pissed off. Government clearly was/is captive and economic vctimization abounds. Bernie's rousing the more intelligent disgruntled people clearly was more the threat to the status quo. Needful of different handling, reprogramming.

We got taken for a ride, again. TV ignored Bernie, said early the Clinton family had a dynastic lock. Bernie waited a bit, the dynastic prophesy developed, Bernie then said, all you good people, transfer it to the Clinton family; there is more difference with Trump. Is it any mystery why the set-up was set up as it was? For those not born yesterday [or born again yesterday]?

What TV did that was good; it ignored the Bush dynasty while thumping for Trump. A Bush freeze. Had both dynasties been sidetracked, we could feel good; but one out of two absolutely does not cut it.

Treated like chumps, so ask, are we chumps? Should we now stand up and salute, or hand-over-heart when they play that two-party national anthem, Lesser Evil? Might we have and weigh alternatives?

Jill Stein is real. Wall Street and Walmart own no part of Jill Stein. The Clinton family candidate, Walmart board seat, six figure Wall Street speech incomes; so sit down and figure things out.

Decide what you should do at the ballot box this November. Presuming you dislike being treated like a chump.

And if you see the jackal pack now programming your news to doubt Trump; who they elevated; might you learn who Gary Johnson is? No matter what else, he's not TV's darling/threat via love/hate media game playing. He simply is not an offering from the machine. Instead Johnson is another real candidate not owned by Wall Street or Walmart. Learn whether your mood is better fit to his message, than Stein's.

But: THINK. LEARN. AND THROW OFF THE LESSER EVIL YOKE. Emancipate your mind from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our mind. It's been said, and it's true.

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