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Sunday, August 28, 2016

A reminder, there will be news from Florida, Tuesday.

A HuffPo reposting, by Canova, here. So, will the will of good people prevail?

Canova is stating a case, and KOS has posted a breakdown of the contest.

Ballotpedia, online here, notes the primary election is Aug. 30, a "closed primary:"

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Normally I discount endorsements to the point of usually ignoring them. However: Bernie enthusiastically endorses Canova. Obama is reported to have endorse Wasserman-Schultz. Canova's website posts of incumbent Wasserman-Schultz failing to secure the AFL-CIO endorsement in a membership vote, despite local insider favoritism. This item, "Canova Wins Endorsement of Both African American Newspapers in CD 23; By Nancy Smith; August 25, 2016 - 6:30pm."

It appears some media endorsements are being withheld until closer to election day. (Readers knowing of any endorsement news in that Florida race beyond what's posted here are urged to post a comment with a link.) Without a link to the original, the Miami Sun Sentinel is reported by The Hill to have endorsed Wasserman-Schultz:

The newspaper's editorial board wrote that while challenger Tim Canova is a smart, articulate and formidable candidate, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, despite the latest controversy, is a tenacious leader unafraid to ruffle feathers.

"She understands the levers of power and has built important relationships with people who matter," the editorial board wrote.

"Her colleagues say she's one of the smartest and hardest working members of Congress."

Wasserman Schultz resigned from the DNC last month after leaked emails showed party leaders apparently planning to undermine Bernie Sanders in his campaign against Hillary Clinton for the presidential nomination.

Schultz is facing Canova in the Aug. 30 Democratic primary.

In an interview, Wasserman Schultz said that her staff followed the rules and showed no favoritism toward Clinton, the board wrote.

She admitted that she and others at the DNC "made mistakes" and let their frustration get to them, saying Sanders used her as his "boogeywoman" "even after it became clear his campaign had lost to Clinton's."

"The bottom line is that on most of the issues, there's not much difference between Wasserman Schultz and Canova. Both are liberal, smart and work hard," the board wrote.

"But because of her political savvy, vast experience and command of the issues, Wasserman Schultz is the best choice."

The race might be closer than some Bernie backers may anticipate, given Wasserman-Schultz's extended incumbency.

District demographics: This websearch link. Interesting coverage; The Atalantic.

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