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Friday, August 05, 2016

A coporate coup d' etat. Chris Hedges calls it that. Robert Reich says vote Hillary. Choose your poison.

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Trump. He could win.
This video. Watch it. Reich says the sky will fall if Trump is elected, so bite on lesser evil.

I TRUST Hedges' answer. Reich's answer I trust as much as I trust either Clinton.

I do not fear Donald Trump. We survived Reagan. Britain survived Thatcher. We survived W. Trump is NOT worse than W. No way.

Hedges does suggest what Bernie should have done. He is hard on Bernie and Clintondom. His "facts" do sound like facts.

Reich's arguments do not sound like "facts." Spin is what I hear. They sound like the sports team's "Wait until next year." I.e., Lame and excuse mongering where next year never comes and we face THIS YEAR.

Aw, I held back. Error.

I did not say it, but well, Reich is bullshitting big time, how I see it, how I argue it is. Agree or not.

Trump may win. Oh, gee!

So what?

_________FURTHER UPDATE_________
I view Hedges as trustworthy. To me that matters.

_________FURTHER UPDATE__________
Hedges, start watching at 23 minutes, Reich; then Hedges says some true ringing things.

Do you sense anyone's pants on fire? Of the two?

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