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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Sanders has been in Minnesota. Caucus packing is a fine tradition, so why leave it tonight to the two party insiders?

Strib, here, on Bernie's effort in state; these concluding paragraphs, simply stating a view many may hold:

Also on hand to see Sanders — and meet privately with him for a few minutes before the rally — was former Gov. Jesse Ventura, whose own unconventional background and penchant for flamboyance has inspired comparisons to Trump.

Ventura said he’s politically closer to Sanders than Trump, specifically mentioning Sanders’ strong antiwar views and noninterventionist foreign policy. But he had encouraging words for Trump too.

“I’m fine with Donald. I’m not a Democrat or a Republican, and I would endorse him on the Republican side,” Ventura said. Of Sanders and Trump, he added: “These are the two candidates that are not owned by special interests.”

Whether you were happy with Ventura as governor, or happier with Pawlenty, the man spoke the truth, "These are the two candidates that are not owned by special interests."

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