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Friday, March 25, 2016

Pointing to the version of truth, not its substance.

Version per BBC autumn of 2015 reporting, (italics not in original):

"If you're looking for someone to go to Washington to go along to get along - to [...] get in bed with the lobbyists of special interests, then I ain't your guy," Mr Cruz said during the first Republican presidential debate in August.

Now Boehner is gone, and it seems Mr Cruz's brand of high-stakes brinkmanship is gaining favour in the US capital. While the senator himself didn't take credit for the change, Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine - who introduced Cruz at the Washington event - wasn't so demur.

"We're going to get new leadership in the House of Representative," he said. "It's happening because there's a newly elected senator that showed up and started articulating principles that were consistent with the Republican platform."

Look, up at version.
Not at substance.
Substance: How about substantial millions, and guess from where.

From here and here.

Fact dollars, over word fiction; in priority and in substance ringing true to historical Republican precedent, be it in-platform or out. Right in the top five high rank money takers behind, (popular in-their-home-state Republican figures), JEB! and Marco. Protruding a hand to power brokers, a hand outstretched towards two top donor factions, as with Hillary and Schumer but listen, a non-captive of wealth and the DC status quo. Yes, listen. Ignore the unctuous, supercilious smirk. It's the word and the Word. So for Christsakes, listen. Don't think. Just heed all that articulating . . .

It's why God gave him that microphone. For articulating. Testifying.

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