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Thursday, March 31, 2016

It says, "Your message has been sent." Hopefully, it has been received.

The image and link is given in case you've any message for Al. I called attention to the new top sidebar item, in my contacting the Senator's office staff via that convenient web page. Message sent. That's been confirmed.

Message received? Perhaps readers can add a voice?

UPDATE: LeftMN, here, here and here. There is no mystery to good sense. Aside from its all too frequent absence.

FURTHER: Bluestem Prairie, here, saying something akin to let them know - more - they already are feeling something.

FURTHER: Kos here. While not pretending to have studied Nietzsche's "Of Men and Supermen," but having read Ayn Rand (really all 8177 pages of Atlas), the thought intrudes that somehow both would have difficult, troublesome thoughts for us on our DFL delegates and superdelegates, where We The People might feel a cold breeze. One smelling of Wall Street. Of cash. That old "bull market."

FURTHER: Where I'd first read of it, but not then decided to post, Salon here where I retraced steps to find the item again:

Rep. Collin Peterson told Forum News Service that his superdelegate vote will reflect the will of voters in his state who voted for Sanders 62 percent to 38 percent for Clinton.

“I’m voting my district,” Peterson said. “I’m going to vote for Bernie.”

While the founding member of Democrat’s Blue Dog Coalition, formed to promote fiscal conservatism, rarely attends the DNC, he said that if his superdelegate vote would make a difference, he would make the trip to Philadelphia to cast a vote for the Democratic Socialist despite their obvious differences on tax policy. “He’s got something going,” Peterson said of Sanders’s support with young voters. “He’s tapped into something.”

[link in original] Old Blue Dogs can learn new tricks.

We got dogs in the Senate and the Guv mansion too; in CD8, etc. (even R.T.); and each seems to require suitable conditioning.

More from that Salon item:

After Sanders won the Alaska caucuses by commanding margins over the weekend, Democratic Party vice chairman Larry Murakami officially pledged his superdelegate vote to Sanders.

“I think it’s totally appropriate if we’re over 80 percent for one of us to step forward and say, ‘yeah, I’m voting for Sanders like everyone in my district, like most of the people in my district and most of the people in Alaska,'” Murakami told Politico.

Democratic Party chairman Bert Marley echoed Murakami and the Sanders campaign, telling Politico that, “I felt like super delegates should reflect for lack of a better term the will of the people so when the results were so overwhelming in Idaho it was the natural thing to do,” and pledging his vote to Sanders, who won Idhao’s caucus. Utah Democratic Party chairman Peter Corroon also pledged his superdelegate vote to Sanders after his state picked the Vermont senator 79.3 percent to Clinton with 20.3 percent.

All superdelegates committing to Sanders in recent days come from caucus states that have overwhelming favored Sanders. This still leaves Sanders, who trails Clinton by more than 400 superdelegates, at a clear disadvantage.

[links in Salon excerpts are from the original item]

FURTHER: In haste, only noted above is the link to the latest Bluestem Prairie item giving mention to Collin Peterson's recognition of how Sanders has captured the imagination of many wanting better; with this being Sorensen's original post on topic. Please follow that link, she has other sourcing for the coverage besides the links already given here. That includes a link here, to a story of merit that has grown its own legs.

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