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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Crazy time, another batch of states.

Some more state two-party presidential candidacy determinations happened yesterday; making little to no sense whatsoever. Clinton takes Louisiana adding to her sweep of the South, like Sherman's, in that it may win today's inner party battle, but in this instance, unlike Sherman the war in the South will be lost in the November general election. The south is and will remain Republican. Has been back to Nixon's Southern Strategy, Lee Atwater, and Johnson's pushing through the Kennedy civil rights agenda; and will be.

But she gets those delegate numbers, and nationwide popular appeal is secondary in the delegate hunt game. Secondary is giving popular mood greater sway than it actually carries. It is a two-party system where the rigged one party is performing as programmed, Bernie being a speed bump so far. The other rigged party, wigged out more than rigged and from the viewpoint of the inner party of that side, NOT running like a purring newly tuned auto engine. It was Jeb!'s turn, for Christsakes. So, hey, remember that. Jeb!'s suit got trumped.

Crazy? Yes.

More: Bernie took Kansas, and likewise to Clinton sweeping the South, in November, Kansas as the home of Gov. Brownback, etc., there is no way either Bernie or Clinton will take any Kansas electoral votes. They are so crazy right wing there that the drinking water must be worse than Flint's.

Trump and Cruz, and the Republican establishment including their press dumping on Trump? What to make of that?

Cruz is worse, but less a loose cannon in terms of what buttons monied interests need to push to have their way.

Cruz is the devil the devils know.

Ditto, Clinton. The Clintons. Monied interests have ownership. No two ways to it. Release of the Goldman Sachs six hundred grand speech transcripts will be merely confirmatory. A mere removal of the fig leaf. Bought. Owned. No biting of the hand. End of story.

Inner party regulars in DC and elsewhere smile.

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