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Monday, March 14, 2016

As Bernie runs on a single-payer Medicare for all policy to bring our nation into line with civilized European and Canadian thought and practice; others are afoot to sabotage the actually effective socialized medicine delivery of the VA, which does bargain with Big Pharma on pricing while Medicare by statute is foreclosed from doing so to help taxpayers. MoJo has a Mar. 13 online item about it, which mentions Koch influence at play along with mention of Andy Aplikowski's chum and former Minnesota Senate candidate, PETE HEGSETH, whose brief politician candidacy rivals the CD8 Cravaack ghost-tenure. MoJo paints Aplikowski's chum Hegseth as a core part of the Koch effort MoJo is reporting.

Readers hopefully will remember Republican CD8 temp worker Chip Cravaack; Phantom Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Minnesota's 8th district in office January 3, 2011 - January 3, 2013. Preceded by: Jim Oberstar, (who really lived here).

The Chipster -- So briefly touching Minnesota ground, so easily forgotten, as with the brief Senate campaign of former Guantanamo guard Pete Hegseth, who apparently has chosen a post-service stay on state soil - if you believe that speaker promo.

In any event Hegseth touched base long enough to initiate some form of a PAC that Andy Aplikowski at Residual Forces touted as if an innovative thing. Money for mischief is not innovative, likely, instead, predating the Roman Empire and Church.

In any event, the above Crabgrass headline tells the gist of the Mother Jones item, except this screen capture from the item's beginning shows it starts with a tight and neat image explaining why the right-wing establishment conspirators have targeted the VA instead of say food stamps or gasoline taxes (or "fees" on cigarettes that equate to taxes except in a tortured Pawlenty mind grasping for a fig leaf cover in the course of a sane abandonment of his pledge of governmental malaise and stupidity given to the state's Taxpayer League (currently headed by its board chief, the woofer of north metro)).

If any reader can define and document via online links exactly what Hegseth's job duties and tasking was at Gunantanamo, it might be of interest to other readers; so if such info exists a comment pointing to it would be appreciated. Was he the one flushing Quran pages down a toilet, or as a Princeton grad - officer corps type, the one giving the command to do so?

Likely not, but what exactly did the esteemed motivational speaker do there? (As an aside, do you think Pete's pulling down Clintonian fee amounts per speech? And if not, why not?) In contrast to the motivational speaker bio, another has written less favorably of soldier Hegseth, painting a picture of one expected to be allied to the Koch empire and allied with a long-standing and prominent Minnesota propaganda enterprise having a "Director of Operations [...] involved with the Center nearly from the beginning, joining the staff in 1993" who "studied Speech-Communications, History, and Business at the University of Minnesota and has been involved in the conservative movement in Minnesota for nearly 30 years." That long, huffing and puffing.

Does any reader know, is Hegseth allied with Freedom Club beyond this left-side image showing his PAC event's Sawalich overlap?

NEXT TO LAST: The MoJo item never mentioned Bernie. That's just a headline thing from Crabgrass to remind folks whose policies on the Dem side have always and consistently been in the public's interest. No Johnny-come-lately (nor Janey-come-lately neither, gender not being the point --- Bernie's been as consistent as Elizabeth Warren for the public's good, and that's the point).

LAST: We citizens do not know anything that really went on at Guantanamo detention areas, yet the jihadi recidivism among camp alums suggests something possibly akin to the School of the Americas - Zetas situation.

There is this intriguing online brief YouTube video.

BONUS: And you no longer can find it posted online at Residual Forces:

PALS. find the image here

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