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Friday, June 13, 2014

The establishment Republicans such as they are, piling on, against one woman's suggestion she's a better choice for a pubic office. What's got them riled? [See latest update to the Justin Boals post, the one below the Sense and Nonsense post]

This link. Why endorsements of one politician by a pile of others means little. Emmer's credibility is based on who he is, where I see little credibility but opinions can differ. But all these other people I think in most instances never should have been elected, if they have a vote in the district they deserve to cast it, but what species of fool is impressed by such a list? You have to wonder. Why the pileon? Get Rhonda the new sport of choice?

UPDATE: I think what has them riled, they know she's a better choice for that particular public office. They don't like it, but they know it's true, and so they collectively Chicken Little a bit over the obvious standing in the way of some faction's desired primary election outcome. As if, "no it's not factional, we all sing in harmony." (From the hymn book.)

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