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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sense and nonsense.

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______________FURTHER UPDATE_______________
Within the Theo-GOP, a bit of looking around the web shows this:

With a belief that separation of church and state should be absolute with church property taxed as any other, and a belief that a personal reliance upon reason can be a grounding for one's moral code and politics better than one based, somehow, upon arbitrary assumptions of supernatural stuff; there still is less distaste to a Theo-GOP cadre leadership focused upon one list over another; in that the second one should entail a lesser inclination to intrude into the lives of neighbors. That highly offensive t-shirt, carries the unwritten suggestion "God will judge" as I and my family judges, and not like what we don't, and that is both outrageous and preposterous. It is saying rationality aside, my worldview has greater legitimacy than others differing from mine, because I invent a notion of something I call God, say it is all powerful, and then say, it agrees with me on how my neighbors should behave. That offends or should offend anyone capable of reason.

The second list does not suggest anywhere near the level of intrusiveness into the privacy and liberty of others as the t-shirt list glaringly asserts. Or does it? One aspect, that last thing in the second list, "is sovereign," troubles since we have a Minnesota Constitution which at its outset clearly states the people are sovereign, and that just sits better with me. Simply, your mythology is not my sovereign, no matter what, so keep your church separate from my state. Even though a kinder, gentler Theo-GOP with less hellfire/brimstone sits better, it still does not sit well; with liberty having a meaning contrary to anyone's church running everyone's state.

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Randy Backous said...

This looks like our lovable, local, Ted-Kaczynski-in-training. He is obviously less concerned about his religion than he is in getting attention by way of shock and provocation. He has not served his God but embarrassed his God and for that he will be judged more harshly than those written on his back.

As a Christian and a Conservative, I agree that we need to separate state and religion at all cost. If I need my government to advance my religion, my religion is sorely lacking in virtue. If the religion has merit, it will advance based on its own worth, needing neither words nor force. Others should be free to do the same and those religions proving their merit in deed, not in word, will win over the most and rightfully so.

Christians may find ourselves ruled by a majority of the followers of a different religion soon. We will then realize – too late – how important the concept of keeping church and state separate really is.