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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Minnesota's politico-government geekery moves itself into primary elections mode, and who cares? It's summer and the mosquitoes matter less than the deer ticks.

The CD6 fundie fringe cut its deal with the corporatist inner-inner party and who is Jim Abeler to object to robotics?

Neither faction has been particularly kind to Abeler recently, perhaps he's been too responsible to his job to please either of those bands. Something like Sivarajah, with Abeler. There within her quest where the fundies and corporatists are each staying in banded together with the fundies thinking they are in the CD6 driving seat, but with inner-inner party Hubbard buying the gas or the machine does not work. Krinkie is like the Verizon commercial character, "Can you hear me now?"

Liberty Republicans are exiled. The California Guy and the Shutdown Guy and the Ego Guy are contesting for spoils distribution oppertunities along with the Two-Fundies-in-Cahoots Guy who got a send-off blessing but little else of substance for putting in a full weekend of slap-happy ennui. And somebody's put a bug in The Hire-a-Gumshoe Guy's bonnet on the other, Tweedle Dum, side.

Whatever happened? Time for another Line-Item-Veto Wrestler?

In any event, one obsessed by notions of leadership normally would be expected to put a hat in the ring rather than do puppeteering exclusively. Posting on Pinterest does not make it happen. Hat in a ring, any ring, others have done that.

Now we will be annoyed by businessman, coach, mentor, most importantly - Rich Guy wanting to buy an office with fundie help and DC inner-inner party blessing from the start. And with Rich Guy having an SJ tiny cherry picking proof-of-nothing thing the propagandists are told to tout and do.

Beyond that, chasing money from job killing merger mania, is that anyone's real view of qualified to govern? Of likely interest to discerning voters, the Tax Returns of an actual office-seeking human person whose career has been tax-structuring of one corporate person along with another corporate person merging into a single corporate person, with minimal tax impact maximal bottom line, i.e, plying for profit a fictitious notion of "people" that nobody but a biased dunce (or five, in robes), can buy into.

You can watch that last Guy's - the Rich Guy's - costly to produce empty of content video, by following where two tweets below a Luke Helier tweet in the column of tweets here each post a link to it. Have a barf bag handy. It depends on what you can stomach without saying, "Al, please, please, please say something irreverent, funny, and refreshing; please."

You think about it, it's Rhonda and the flavors of White Guys.

Gilmore's got that story pegged.

Rhonda put a hat in the ring.

Becky on the other side left to say, "Huh?"

Rich Guy posing, wearing the as if of the people uniform? The video. The shirt.

I want to hear the Robot Rich Guy in the Romney shirt explain how in the world this can scale to a nonsecular program the size of Anoka-Hennepin. As a skeptic, it will take more than silence and slick video; so show me what you can say.

A sensible, reasoned, cotton-candy free presentation would be convincing; if ever forthcoming. Expect instead, video packaging by handlers with very much glide-and-slide avoidance of detail of any substantive merit.

The McFadden's double m logo, it could as well stand for "middle market" as in "Lazard Middle Market."

Just saying, ...

LMM, on its main opening webpage touts:

Dealmakers - Experienced deal professionals with extraordinary expertise, judgment, creativity, and intellect

Global Reach - Middle market bankers with access to Lazard's C-level, board-level, and sponsor relationships in 41 major business centers in 26 countries

Now that "global reach" would have to include tax haven expertise; and as to job-slashing denials from The McFadden's camp, LMM features a "restructuring" unit, all under the LMM leadership.

And to not confuse who was LMM head honcho before taking a leave for politicking, this informative screen capture:

So, an articulate cotton-candy free and expansive explanation of top dog/restructuring/global reach, in terms of not-Romney job killer posturing; along with a peep under the tax return kimono; or else where in the world is any credibility to be inferred from a stone wall, puffery, or an Iron Curtain? Put aside video "Coach Mike" hooey, and get soon to the nitty-gritty.

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