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Monday, January 27, 2014

Tuesday Feb 4 precinct caucus date, noted by The Daily Planet.

Here, apart from earlier editorial comment, part of a New Ulm joint LTE, on caucusing:

“As leaders within our political parties in Brown County, we would like to personally encourage you to attend your precinct caucus on Tuesday, Feb. 4.

The precinct caucus is a gathering of your friends, family, and neighbors to exercise your rights in the American political process. It is your first opportunity during an election year to talk about issues, learn about the candidates running for statewide and local office, make recommendations for changes in your party's platform, and choose delegates to represent you at upcoming county conventions and beyond.

You are welcome to express your opinions on important issues, or you can come just to listen and observe. The atmosphere is similar to that of a neighborhood town hall meeting where the exchange of ideas is encouraged and all participants are treated with fairness and respect, regardless of whether you are expressing your opinion or just listening to others.

The caucus system in Minnesota is a unique system in the United States, where ordinary citizens have the opportunity to participate not only in the selection of the candidates who will represent your political party but also in defining the issues and positions under which those candidates will run in elections. It is participation citizen democracy in action.

Jim Hahn-Chair, Brown County, Republican Committee

Lori Sellner-Chair, Brown County DFL Committee"

That describes caucusing well, although one or both parties may have primaries locally, or over statewide seats.

Historically, it has mattered to some caucus-goers - probably to a majority - to see which candidates for office will "abide by the endorsement process," meaning, letting the caucus-convention process set general election candidacies, without resort to a party primary.

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