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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rhonda looks nice, if you look at the numbers. Squeaky clean, or mostly so.

Bluestem Paririe again, here, and another thought, WDHB.

(WDHB = Who Does Hubbard Back).

After finding out the WDHB answer - if you can - there's always the devil lurking, that devil being WHY.

A Google. All of you Tea Party - "GOP base" - groundlings, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

UPDATE: Make of this link what you choose.

FURTHER UPDATE: Emmer for Congress, its missing issue page, here? Here? What - where did God, Gays and Guns go? No fresh meat for the base? Shame on you, hockey goon.

FURTHER UPDATE: This, less than a year ago. You will not find the likes of that elsewhere. Or elsewhere.

Strange world, isn't it. UPDATE: What about elsewhere? Fat chance. But getting warm ...

ANOTHER UPDATE The headline is not specifically mentioning Emmer. The body of the item, unfortunately, does not mention Dianne Feinstein and spouse.

ANOTHER UPDATE Who else might have a missing issue page, here; all that money and a dearth of publicly aired issues. Redefining the Republican landscape after two failed ballot initiatives?

But -- such a barren landscape, nothing there, empty.

Is it Back to the future? Back to Nixon Republicanism, but without that crook, without Kissinger a part of the public persona, but a seat at the table for Bechtel, now as then? Not your cup of tea? Learn to accept.

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