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Friday, January 10, 2014

RAMSEY - Jan 14 meeting agendas.

A franchise fee ordinance is proposed amending Chap. 7, taxation, of the City Charter. Not Chapter 10, nor Chap. 11. It is online, readers can find it from the city website.

Also on agenda, keeping the same feeble bozo consultant used for the last Comprehensive Plan.

The guy was downright awful.

Staff can write that stuff, that's why they exist, planners; and the last two plans are in the can as templates, updating being all that's needed.

Taxpayers can avoid the consultancy trap if the thing is kept as a staff function.

The last comprehensive plan allowed greater housing expansion than the Met Council's quota demanded, and that is both reprehensible and inexcusable.

However the consultant alone was not the only responsible party on that hummer. Staff did its share. And then some. The whole thing was biased toward growth, and damn the consequences.

The last council before this one approved the thing. Being at fault too. Luckily profligate growth was curtailed, by of all things, the market.

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