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Saturday, January 25, 2014

I get an impression Sally Jo Sorensen thinks I do not like Bluestem Prairie. That is a wrong impression. She does excellent work.

Please, if any reader looks here and believes I have a negative viewpoint of Sorensen's work, that absolutely is not so. She breaks stories that otherwise might go unnoticed, and she has priorities that to me seem wholly sound.

Again her Bluestem Prairie is one of the best private news sources in the State. Sorensen has been recognized with an award for excellence. It was deserved.

If any reader in a comment or by email would let me know if he/she noticed anything I have posted that is negative or appears so, regarding Sorensen's work, please let me know and I will consider it and do what is needed to correct any such impression.

I corrected an earlier post that was insufficiently written because it could be read as my disliking Sorensen's work. That correction was needed, and my hope is it resolves an unintentional ambiguity that came from less than good writing on my part.

UPDATE: Recently, Sorensen broke the Emmer remodel video story, and the Nienow SBA loan default story, mere months apart. That is a record the great majority of mainstream media workers cannot match. This post was exceptional.

So, Sorensen is good on breaking news and good on tight detailed and well-documented analysis. And with an eclectic range of interest. People should respect and follow her work. Her writing of the Nelson v. Franson story moved it from local reporting to something noted statewide. Breaking the story in that sense. The Franson "feeding the animals" story was one I believe she broke, I am unsure, but if not the first to publish, this post was early in telling the story. She authors a solid news and opinion outlet. If some would criticize her for being critical of Republicans that is a characteristic and not a fault, just as Gary Gross characteristically writes favorably of Republicans.

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