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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ramsey - two simple questions our officials should answer.

1. What was the cost/benefit balance for the Tinklenberg lobbying expenditure? What did Tink do besides cash checks?

2. If the stuff a year or so ago about putting the "Christian Academy" school across Armstrong from Town Center was what it now seems, a smoke screen thing to disguise real estate speculation, why not send those folks a property tax bill since real estate speculation and profiteering is not being a church?

Let them then contest it, but move forward on the very reasonable premise that if you get into business fully apart from being a tax-exempt church, don't freeload off the citizens of Ramsey or any other town to gain bigger pots of cash from it.

Bruce Nedegaard would have loved to have had their deal.

AND, tax them at the present accrued value attaching to all the for-free infrastructure largesse the council [as was sitting before Jan. 1] showered upon them. Do not tax them at anything less, as if Puma Street had not been paved for them and the one unneeded traffic light and road work had not been Landformed upon us for their benefit, in whole or in part.

Landform surely did provide them a benefit.

A part of Darren's "legacy?"

Sham, bam, and thank you ma'am? Or not? You decide.

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