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Friday, July 26, 2013

An idea whose time may have arrived in Ramsey. We can show an upward sloping learning curve, with help from our friends.

Friends in Minneapolis, No-Mi, in particular. With shared-wall rental now a big thing expanded as it has been into Ramsey, (call it "market rate" rentals, or not), is it time for Flaherty's people, Chief Way, Administrator Ulrich, and the council to consider crafting a "Conduct in Premises" ordinance modeled on that of the big city? As in staying ahead of the problem before it may happen.

Or would it be over-reaction, and unneeded anticipatory, bureaucratic, code-cluttering, and time-wasting? Is wait-and-see the better policy? It need not be "now or never." Is there code enough already, to handle possible trouble? Would work session discussion be advisible, even without any effort at preparing any proposed code language? Would administratively tasking Chief Way to initiate an inquiry of and liaison with his Minneapolis counterparts be best, like a Boy Scout to be prepared? Assure shared-wall rental residents have an effective and prompt way to quell rowdy neighbors' activity? Something akin to the residential tidiness ordinance John Dehen pushed while on council. For Ramsey's high-density MUSA areas if not for all of Ramsey.

Hat tip to Johnny Northside, for the images. An alternate name instead of "Conduct in Premises Ordinance" might be "Curbing the Neighbor From Hell Ordinance."

One expects Flaherty's folks would have an interest in keeping the place from going downhill fast, within the first one to five years, and would welcome ordinance support for more easily culling out bad apples. At least Ulrich and Way should hash the question out with Flaherty to see his thinking. It is in the interest of all of us in Ramsey, with Flaherty owing millions back, that quality tenancies, only, be instituted to preserve the big thing as a fully rented, quiet and orderly asset optimizing the city's payback cash flows.

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