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Sunday, December 09, 2012

It seems certain the Bush tax cuts will be allowed to expire, then, next year if cuts are insisted upon by Boehner, Cantor, and Paul Ryan, members of the executive branch would have to sit down with a map and figure where cuts are best made and where cutting impacts should weigh most heavily.

A map or two may be helpful. And, regardless of anything else cut or closed anywhere else, it would be reassuring and just if the people in Wisconsin's first district, who reelected their absentee wannabe Paul Ryan, should be made to drive to a neighboring district to reach a post office. Learning curves there seem impaired to where stern measures are required.

The Stillwater bridge may end up not federally funded, and Minnesota Sixth District grants and government contracts might be lessened.

Same for Kline's and Paulsen's districts.

I am sure that veterans in the Sixth District are happy with the VA clinic in Ramsey, but at a guess many voted Romney-Ryan, in not liking government entitlement spending.

This link, more maps. When it is between Grover Norquist and in-district pork, do not expect pork to be thrown under the Republican bus any time soon. Bachmann wants a Stillwater bridge. Her constituency in Hudson, WI, needs it so much ... what with the Interstate a few miles south, and gas costing more even for the rich, and time being money, and all the boutiques on the Minnesota side ...

__________FURTHER UPDATE__________
Another fracking opinion about the planned new Stillwater Bridge.

A family member suggested the thought, if it were Lyndon Johnson dealing with Boehner, not Obama, there might be a difference in style; with Johnson sending out a host of executive branch officials into Boehner's district tasked with finding every federal dollar being spent there even if for five more parking meters at a court house; with the task force told to keep anything but a low profile which might pass under Boehner's home-pork attuned radar. We need Johnsonian negotiations now, with Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, all expected to embrace pork lust to trump much else, given pork delivery's tie to repeated reelection opportunity - with reelection being something that appears to trump all else, for ones such as Boehner. Although there is life after an election loss. K-Street beckoning. Think tank make-work. What is Mark Kennedy doing these days?

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