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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Zellow beautiful.

How can you - anyone - say that this Zillow webpage does not capture the true lasting beauty of a home the way the beauty and symmetry of the Taj Mahal is shown in photos? Zillow is so special that way - other ways:

And such is yours, for two mil, in friendly nice Minnesota. Isn't Zillow special?

FAIR USE. SO THERE. Can you imagine seventeen inches of snow, the -17 F the following day, standing there on the then snow-covered lawn; with a roof rake? Thinking, "Ice dam." Those follow-up week to ten days of 27-31 F sunny days; 17-20 overnight, they just shout out, "Ice dam. Make my day." Fun city ya betcha. Three cheers for Zillow. Ditto, their cease-and-desist lawyers. Simple roofs for simple needs - I think that's an old saying.

Ars Technica, here, linking to this EFF "get real" pdf letter. To fully appreciate the EFF smackdown of stupidity and bad PR Zillow displayed; thinking stomp the little blogger; Ars here, linking to the Zillow intimidation letter. The EFF is a worthwhile operation, seeking to resist stupidity in its speech intimidation ways.

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