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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ossoff had better win.

AJC reports:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has spent $4.3 million in the runoff phase, and other left-leaning groups have chipped in around $500,000. But his fundraising totals means he hasn’t needed as much additional firepower.

Contrast the flood of spending in Georgia with the other recent House special elections. Montana’s air wars cost about $10 million, though Democrats only reluctantly helped Rob Quist after weeks of attack ads from GOP groups. And less than $200,000 was spent by outside groups in the Kansas race.

Rob and Halladay ought to incorporate the Cabaret "Money Makes the World Go Round" song into their repertoire. Their world spun less than Ossoff's, ya betcha; DNC being penny wise, pound foolish with the body-slammer winning. Rob has a good heart. For trying, for singing, for music, for people. He'd make a good Senator.

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