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Friday, June 23, 2017

It is not news. It is opinion. Were Bernie Sanders to share his email list with Tom Perez or the DNC it would be like Jesus giving Pilate nails.

List links (mythology?): Here, here, here, here, here and here.

Likely there is much more online, things more recent. A video. Another. The second, editorial in nature.

Debbie may share her list with Tom Perez, and vice versa, while moving Onward Together. With what's her name.

The Observer, April 17, 2017; this link, this opening screen capture:

The list mentioned at the end of that screencaptured text must be the one Ossoff used.

Bernie could not, despite personal effort, boost Rob Quist over the hump in strongly-Republican Montana. DNC trainloads of money, ditto, Ossoff in Georgia's CD6.

Something has to happen, and it will not be the disenfranchised Bern-feelers giving in. They've nothing and have been scorned by the corporatists who presently own the Democratic Party and thus have something actual to give the have-nots. Will they be intransigent; rather losing elections than ruffling feathers in the corporatist donor pool by thinking of moving, however little, toward fairness?

And would a little movement be enough movement, or will substantial compromise need to be negotiated, as Schumer seems to understand? (In principle at least.)

Stay tuned. Expect more of the same. Ossoff + money = back to the drawing board. Trying to stone and demonize Trump with nothing really different being offered is an approach. You decide - A sound approach or a destined-to-fail-again one?

2018 will be an interesting situation - who will blink first? Will corporatist Dems out of spite hand the Trumpster a second term? Will too little be offered progressives, as with, "Well, you can, under supervision, write part of the platform while we keep the keys to the Lexus and own the driving seat." That approach had its day, its dismal day prior to Nov. 2016.

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