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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Niska and Wardlow are the two Republicans, so far, wanting to become Minnesota Attorney General. Niska is the better of the two, yet when looking at Wardlow and his single legislative term, that is very faint praise.

Wardlow is a "right to work" anus. And against healthcare reform.

One Minnesota House term and out.

Chief author.

Coat tail author. Signed onto bills/resolutions by: Kiffmeyer; Lohmer; Dettmer; Drazkowski; Cornish; others. Knowing little else, one can judge him by the company he keeps.


What does highly slanted Republican propaganda say of Wardlow? This:

“As attorney general my only special interest will be for the people,” said Wardlow. “The current attorney general is the epitome of what an attorney general should not be.”

Wardlow has been involved in several constitutional cases in Minnesota, including an ongoing lawsuit in Virginia, Minnesota regarding transgender bathroom use, and a victorious suit in Belle Plaine, Minnesota concerning a cross in a veterans memorial being removed then reinstalled.

Someone should tell the demagogue that transgender people are people, and that "a cross" represents special interests. And that other special interests might object or want equal protection under law. Someone should tell him to go away, somewhere far away, and let Minnesota be nice instead of stupid. A websearch.

VoteSmart again proves the nurses association has good judgment. With VoteSmart showing that others find Wardlow easy to rate.

Defeated after a single term, by a promising, decent DFL candidate.

Video online of a stilted talking fence post turtle; two others, here and here.

Bottom line in an Uptake nutshell.

LAST: To disarm any misunderstanding. In saying Niska is a better GOP AG candidate than Wardlow; it is not by an inch but by a mile. Harry is smart. Harry is likable.

Bonus video test; see, with a stopwatch, how much you can take; here, here and/or here. Making it as far as 2 to 3 minutes into any one of the Wardlow videos will be human will overcoming good sense and best interests. Further into any Wardrow video, to the finish, makes you are a hound for punishment. Watching, is there any question why a one term wonder, in the Minnesota House? If our legislators have to listen to that kind of stuff, day in and day out, I respect their will and tolerance. I listen just a bit and want to stuff a sock in the guy's mouth.

Lori Swanson is experienced, capable, and diligent and has handled the AG office in an exemplary way for many years. The Republicans have strangled her budget. There is no cause to consider a change. But with that said, in case a Republican groundswell happens, better they have Niska as their candidate than a brick.

__________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
Has Niska ANY policy positions? Still waiting . . .

We know he does not like Ryan Winkler, progressiveism, but what does he like and believe in as policy for a state's government, and not as a religious inclination?

It is early, but no better time than the present to define oneself as a Koch stooge, or better.

Still waiting . . . BS does not cut it, sir, but yes that video is only of a campaign kickoff speech. But substance is absent, so far. Criticizing the DFL is not policy, it's outside looking in, not what you'd do, if put inside.

_________FURTHER UPDATE____________
I can talk to Zeus. So there. (Not that the precursor for that statement is roundly known.)

[some of this post's updates, were rewritten a day after first posting]

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