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Monday, May 30, 2016

Reuters reports Rubio declines, this early, consideration of a Trump ticket second spot, based upon policy. Rubio stated, "Donald deserves to have a vice president - he's earned the nomination - and he deserves to have a running mate that more fully embraces some of the things he stands for." [UPDATED]

The headline Rubio quote is from Reuters, here. Aside from never ending a sentence with a preposition, and given that thought of a kindred soul being best for "Donald;" there is one perfect fit.

City Pages image, from: here
Considering this Wikipedia page, this websearch, and Trump University litigation now pending per reporting for example, here, here and here (where Politico in a link-over publishes the 172p "Trump University 2010 PLAYBOOK - ONE COMPANY. ONE CULTURE. ONE GOAL. Achieving Sustained Profitability in 2010."); considering that one goal of sustained profitability, and the PLAYBOOK's stated goal-oriented strategy and tactics, there is no more kindred soul for Trump than our CD2 former Rep., Col. Kline of the for-profits for Kline. It is a natural. Since the cap fits, Kline should wear it in tune with, e.g., p.98 of 172, instructing:

This link, for the first item the above noted Wikipedia item references; from earlier this year; and what does it tell YOU about the character and integrity of Donald J. Trump?

As a hypothetical, do you suppose that if Goldman Sachs had ever offered Donald J. Trump $250,000 for an hour's speech that he'd have turned it down? That he'd have left money on the table? Do you suppose that if he'd given several such hypothetical speeches, having them transcribed, that he'd now release his transcripts?

Candidate Clinton seems indifferent to the plight of students under crushing debt; Bernie feels for them and has a solution, so go figure what you are getting from the Democratic party Wasserman-Schultz and Clinton in-control crowd; if you are in the 99%.

What's the answer? Write in Bernie? Expect Clinton to have pangs of conscience, to blossom in office in ways her Goldman Sachs and Foundation cash flows auger against? Are you naive?

However either is packaged, Clinton and/or Trump, is there a smell that will not permeate through packaging?

Great two party system we suffer under, isn't it? Doesn't it all make you proud?

____________FURTHER UPDATE_______________
What Trump did showed a lack of conscience, for money. It was a shameful thing that has yet to be sufficiently shamed.

It is in a class with Clinton taking the Goldman Sachs money six figures at a time for an hour's work and not being dedicated to a fifteen buck minimum wage. Same lack of class, to each.

Clinton can redeem a position of trust with student debt sufferers, but so far has been regally disinclined, that being a character fault of hers deserving great scorn.

But this post is Trump's.

Forbes, here and here from almost exactly two years ago to the day; and the likely stuff that had the good Col. of Minnesota's CD2 haging up his six shooter to no longer be hired gun for the dreck-peddling privateers abusing the word "university."

If not that, at least something had the hired gun say, "No more." And bless circumstances for that.

And the post being for Trump means a focus on the gentleman's mystique, arguably stretched too thin; CNN publishing:

The playbooks, which include ones from 2009 and 2010, detail how the venture worked, how Trump University events were run and how to sell programs to customers.

From 2005 to 2010, when the program closed, about 10,000 students across the nation signed up for Trump University classes, which promised success in real estate by offering courses and seminars based on the principles of the businessman.
Now Trump University is the focus of two class action lawsuits in San Diego by some students who claim they were defrauded and a separate suit filed by the New York attorney general.

The order to release the internal documents comes in one of the California cases and is in response to a request by The Washington Post, which first reported the story Saturday afternoon.

Trump's lawyers argued the information should not be disclosed because it involved trade secrets. However, in a ruling released Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel did not agree and said there is public interest now in this case. Since the proceedings first began, Trump "became the front-runner in the Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential race, and has placed the integrity of these court proceedings at issue," Curiel wrote.

Trump defended Trump University as recently as Friday during a campaign rally in San Diego, where he attacked several of the judges involved in the case.
"The trial is going to take place sometime in November. There should be no trial. This should have been dismissed on summary judgment easily, everybody says it. But I have judge who is a hater of Donald Trump, a hater. He's a hater," Trump said of Curiel.

[WaPo link in original] And in another item, CNN again:

The ads for his university were classic Donald Trump -- Trump stares into the camera and proclaims:

"We're going to have professors and adjunct professors that are absolutely terrific people, terrific brains, successful. We are going to have the best of the best... and these are people that are handpicked by me."

But a CNN investigation finds that Trump and others involved in the school admitted under oath that some promises made to students just didn't happen.

In Trump's own deposition this past December, Trump failed to recognize the name of a single presenter or teacher at his real estate seminars. He also confirmed he had nothing to do with the selection process of instructors who taught at the school's events or mentors for the school's "Gold Elite" programs.

A review of Trump University presenters and so-called real estate experts found many with questionable credentials and inflated resumes. Court documents show background-checks conducted during the hiring process could not determine whether some instructors even graduated high school.

[...] As the lawsuits move forward, so do the depositions. And it is in deposition, under oath, where the truth has emerged behind Trump's university, his lack of involvement in the school's curriculum and his lack of knowledge about who was hired to teach what was advertised as "Trump's Secrets" to real estate success.

The depositions were given by Trump and his former president of Trump University, businessman Michael Sexton. Sexton came up with the idea in 2004 to put Donald Trump's brand on a real estate education seminar that was initially just online.

In a deposition for a lawsuit filed in New York, Sexton describes how he took the idea to Donald Trump through an intermediary and how Trump became so impressed with the business model, the billionaire invested $3 million and took a controlling interest. Sexton would be paid $250,000 a year to run the program, along with a cut of the profits.

New York's Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, [...] points to promotional videos made by Donald Trump in which Trump promises an education taught by his personal handpicked experts to teach Trump's exclusive methods for making money in real estate. Schneiderman insists Trump and Sexton contradict those claims when they are under oath.

"There wasn't one part of his pitch that was actually true," Schneiderman told CNN.

In a recently released deposition taken on July 25, 2012, Sexton, stated under oath: "None of our instructors at the live events were handpicked by Donald Trump."

Asked by attorneys if anyone at the Trump Organization was involved in the curriculum for the three-day real estate workshops, Sexton answered, "No."

Sexton confirmed Trump's lack of involvement in producing or reviewing the material used in the workshops.

So, in terms of the man who coined the sobriquet, "Lying Ted Cruz," what think you in light of deposition admissions of:

click to enlarge and laugh

Does this Donald J. Trump of deposition under oath, and of promoter-speak for a few bucks from gullible rubes laying it on with a trowel, ring as honest and trustworthy to you?

As deserving your vote? For leader of the free world? As having earned your trust, as with others?

FURTHER: Congratulations. You are not easily convinced and want more evidence. WaPo, here and here. As good as his word.

___________FURTHER FINAL UPDATE____________
How about the essence of Donald J. Trump (and his renamed "University" - same sales pitching, only the name has changed - and his likely Presidency) in two images and a tune?

click each image to read


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