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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Read an item, in the context of who was President having presidential powers in appointing and managing the federal Attorney General's policies at the time not one single Wall Street crook went into the slammer, and while speeches for pay were Wall Street's policy. Which party, which orientation regarding ordinary people. Voters. Citizens suffering.

Timothy Canova was never a mainstream academic - Harvard or the "Chicago School," in economics; but then his message is not conventional Ivy League U.Chi. stuff. This link, a short twelve pages, telling you what co-opted and regulatory capture and other concepts mean in our recent history; and how such things came about.

When and how, and under what stewardship.

Download and enjoy. A big part of being educated is knowing the process never stops, and that diverse views are not a bad thing. Often reform hinges upon new views of accepted dogma.

UPDATE: If you read little else, read the item. It indirectly explains why a singular Congressional primary contest in Florida is important, and why likely differences between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be little else than cosmetic. Being played for fools, we are the public of the US of A. Feel a Bern. Take at least one step. Contribute to Canova's campaign.

FURTHER UPDATE: If your taste is for a jargon-loaded earlier look at an indirectly stated presentation of "Hillary horsed up any hope of healthcare reform during Clinton years in office," and other apologistic stuff from before the chickens came home to roost during Bushco's Sept. 2008 eye opener arising from the financial market "reforms" Gingrich and Phil Gramm wanted and which Bill Clinton [presumably Hillary too] too happily conformed to but with other real and crypto-Republicans' mouths other than Clinton ones leading the parade; you can understand how with a Hillary run for the roses looming, Goldman Sachs paid. Academia can be indirect, while Canova was, in that sense, less academic.

FURTHER UPDATE: While hindsight is easier, Canova was ahead by years in advance of the Big Splat; compare N.Y. Times; here and here. As to the second short item, could "John Russell" have been a pen-name of don't worry - be happy Debbie WS?

Whatever. For the good of the nation, Debbie WS needs to hit the skids this November. We need a Canova win. Not as a matter of national pride or national feel-good image; but as a matter of national good sense and well being.

FURTHER UPDATE: LeftMN, here. The more you see and think, the less oppressive Trump looks; absent a Bernie endorsement; which dark forces have resisted and undermined on behalf of Madeline Albright's first premise. Which is not, "Shame on any woman not supporting a woman politician." It's "War is good for us - our opportunity," and it is a surprise that when light shined she backed off from the Kosovo telephone privatization ploy, on behalf of --- you guessed it. There is a sort of thread between Albright-think and Clinton-actoin. Free money on the table, mine, and thank-you is implicit.

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