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Thursday, May 26, 2016

More from a different old guy who despises what establishment moves were put into place during and after 1968 when uppity antiwar sentiment bothered establishment owners.

Here and better yet, here. Poster children for the establishment fashioning of the student loan millstone to put about the necks of the young to make them and their services more pliant, less uppity. Ingrate reeducation camp equivalents of what the Chinese and North Koreans do with dissent. Iron fist. Velvet glove. And if anybody says, "What glove?" the press has amazing blind eye capabilities. Second item, opening salvo:

Bubba and the Bride of Bubba

This is a pair who undoubtedly toasted the death of the New Deal at their wedding.

They were the New Democrats, you see, eager to shuffle off working people, especially those icky union people, who had been the backbone of the Democratic Party. Much better to hang around with the Robert Rubins of the world — you can spend your weekends in the Hamptons — rather than with the people who barbecue chicken and burgers and pop open a PBR. The Clintons were pioneers in moving up the food chain.

Yes, they yearned for a brave new world, run by the preening professionals who had all the answers, the “creatives.” It would be a meritocracy, where the professional cream would rise to the top, and anybody who worked hard and got the right (Ivy League) education could be the cream. If you didn’t (or even if you did), and couldn’t, well, somebody has to be the losers so we know the winners by contrast, right? There is a broad strain of Calvinism in there if you look for it.

Bubba began to identify the losers early through the ’94 crime bill and ’95 welfare reform. Hillary marched in lockstep with Bubba on this, but she has been understandably quiet about that out on the hustings recently. She also thought that the NAFTA was a great idea, but she has now found it politically expedient to disavow her prior and documented support of the TPP, at least until after the election.

[links omitted] Read it all. Follow links. Education requires reading and thought. Mainstream media is short on both, having much to say about what's wrong with them Twins.

Beyond a fairly economical use of gunshots at the time, 1968 itself, as a time of awakening, has lived on. Later this year the beloved two parties will convene and the whole world will be watching.

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