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Saturday, May 14, 2016

A year has passed. You make a promise. You keep a promise.

This link. Not the promise of an aditudinally challenged individual. If opinions were dollars, what wealth there would be reflected in Ramsey.

Yeah, I should talk . . .

Anyway, for Abigale and Peggy and Mr. Lucero and their discomfort with comfortably secure transgendered individuals contemplating performance art. Less audacious, here and here. Less; FOX; here.

I think some ostensibly "deeply religious" people missed the Sunday School class(es) about the Sermon on the Mount. And on the distinction between realms of Caesar distinct from realms of God. Too many junior Caesars in St. Paul, with lifestyle agendas for you and others; their way as the One way. Full of themselves. Caesar's areas of expertise are roads and bridges, and rail and land use. Not bathroom use. Let 'em pee in peace.

More. Thankfully, less of something. Since Indiana.

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