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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Reader help needed. There are certain Cruz land and earth-unfriendliness positions many progressives think obnoxious; so has Trump articulated and committed himself to any position in such directions, either way, any way; besides meeting great crowds of great people and doing fabulously in all the polls?

The headline does for me capture Trump specificity, aside from the "M-plurals," Muslims and Mexicans, where some of them can be great people, but for most/many of them, but he'd prefer a wall and Draconian "vetting."

But that's NOT the Ted Cruz positions that scare and offend; rather, see the return list of this

websearch = ted cruz epa public lands

The man's a clear and present danger. As if kin to the Kochs. As if a Glencore shareholder; he or Heidi.

Kidding aside, how did this gentleman ever ring up a 5%? What were those rating people smoking when according that lifetime score? He hugged Somky the Bear once? What?

_______FURTHER UPDATE_________
Of the "even a blind pig can sometimes sniff out a truffle" nature, back in 2013 Cruz, possibly inadvertently, twice voted on the LCV's good guy scorecard side, but this is the same man who voted against the prairie chicken's interest, as an amendment to a bill favoring dirty cruddy oil pipelines that nobody needs.

And he gets a lifetime 5% rating? Him? He'd gut the EPA. That's strange to wholly inappropriate, or so it seems.

Perhaps he gets his 5% solely by a comparison?

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