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Friday, April 01, 2016

One complaint leveled by Clinton supporters against Sanders is that he is less fit on issues of foreign policy. That he is not as able to understand nuance and policy balances.

This video, demonstrating that extreme sophistication and sensitivity in defining bounds and practices of foreign affairs is an absolute necessity to accompany the power, with power and responsibility being for persons that can be trusted and who have shown themselves to be the most sagacious of persons in the serious business of exercising great national powers in past conduct.

That brief video was earlier in time to something more recent: Weapon transfers? What weapon transfers? I know nothing of weapon transfers? Ask somebody else.

Yup. Bernie would have trouble spieling out the implausible deniability; a character defect for certain. Not as with self-anointed foreign affairs mavens.

UPDATE: Could Bernie understand compartmentalization? Left hand not - claiming not - knowing what the right hand is busy doing, in an admittedly hot spot? Could Bernie sufficiently compartmentalize foreign policy, CIA here, State Department there, same Libyan city, blocks apart? Could he handle a question about that kind of put-on without showing abject shame in lying?

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