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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Already posted, Salon items editorialize more than report, especially on pre-convention presidential year politics. Yet a particular Clinton-Sanders analysis from days ago is good for DFL upper inner party attention, but hope IS slim . . .

This mid-item extended excerpt:

Sanders often says he took on “the most powerful political machine in America,” by which he means the Clintons. He’s really fighting the whole Democratic Party: White House, Congress, DNC, elite media and, sad to say, national progressive groups. That includes organized labor but also nearly every liberal lobby in town. He’s been a more constant friend than Hillary Clinton to almost all of them — but he must face and defeat them all. That he’s done so in 14 states — 15 counting Iowa-and fought four more to a draw is a miracle — and a sign their days are truly numbered.

Donald Trump has accomplished little by comparison. Everything was easier for him. When he hit party elites, no one hit back. Democratic elites had a flawed but still formidable Clinton to carry their water. Republicans had Jeb Bush, and now Ted Cruz. Trump took the low road and then lowered it some more, yet could help himself to issues of broad populist appeal without an establishment type feigning agreement. The media that ignored or dismissed Sanders coddled and appeased Trump. Eight years of open GOP warfare prepared Trump’s way. Bernie’s in the first wave to hit the Democratic beach.

With each call to surrender, Sanders just gets stronger. The day the Politico story ran, he swept Democrats Abroad 69 percent to 30 percent. The next day Hillary took Arizona with 58 percent of the vote but Sanders blew her out in Idaho and Utah, polling an unheard-of 79 percent in caucuses that shattered turnout records. On Saturday he’d chalked up three more wins in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington with average margins of 76 perfent. In a Times/CBS poll out this week the man who started the race 60 points down closed the gap to five. In a Bloomberg poll released Saturday he took a 1 point lead.

It raises a question that the elites who rig rules, stifle debate and call on Sanders to withdraw must answer: Who do you think you are? It also raises a question for Washington-based organizations allegedly safeguarding progressive values[...]

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If the Sanders candidacy gets comparable respect from the establishment cramdown Dems as the Ron Paul candidacy got from the Republican cramdown powers, it will be a long term mistake. The future is in the new entrant energized voters reaching into a welcomed political relevance.

Caucus state results are particularly relevant. With no army the "generals" become ossified table fixtures, chess board caricatures (with no pawn structure), ultimately irrelevant and passed-by. The money can and will move on, but a base is a base and should not be crassly disrespected.

Put another way, as well as a State motto co-opted by Tea Party types, "Live Free or Die" could be a DFL warning, as in "Live Rigged and Die." With some, it ain't seen coming until it came. (current image, current top sidebar item)

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