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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Women who could end up President. Which would you buy a used car speech transcript from?

Photo credit, and story, HuffPo, here.

Well. Madeline Albright and Gloria Steinem may pile on me for looking at the picture and saying, Oz, the good witch and the wicked witch, but some things are hard to resist. Not that Albright's and Steinem's piling on has been proto-effective, in recent months. They seem exited, stage right, for the duration.

UPDATE: Warren is the candidate many wanted, first choice. Bernie entered when Warren demurred. Trump is leading; and the two-party jackasses are offering and touting distasteful establishment fare; Clinton from the one, Rubio from the other. Lesser, more purchased and owned beings than Bernie and Trump. It makes you somewhat upset with the two-party jackasses. They upset me, at least. What do you suppose the general mood of the populace is about that, and about how mainstream media as well as party pundits address Rubio as a Republican savior figure? Unrest seems to exist. Unrest is good. And best if it can alter things.

FURTHER: As to the used speech transcript, how it might currently best be priced is in flux. But new, the proof seems to be one costs fairly more than a tricked out brand new McLauren. It must be higher in horsepower. Or better in mileage. Or in lasting value to the buyer.

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