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Monday, February 22, 2016

Goodbye, JEB! But Marco is a clone endorsed by the head of the banking roundtable. A neocon banking poster child, never mind doubts about gravitas.

Gravitas. Trump has more than Rubio, and that need not be much.

Bush spent a ton of other people's money in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, bank-Wall Street money, and got consistent single digit approvals, showing that bankers sometimes make mistakes although never admitted ones, including the stuff arising from the Bush meltdown of September 2008. Can anyone say "Lehman Bros."? That which was, but is no more. Great job, W.

So, nobody wanted another Bush war, a failure that failed to be paid for except by further US debt to China, as with the George H.W. Bush item against Saddam, and the George W. Bush multi-front failures.

But neocon chicken-hawk Marco wants more war, and shows no propensity to say, let's tax so we can afford one.

And the Banks? This link. Banking Roundtable million-a-year bad former governor touts Rubio, per Strib:

Former Minnesota Gov, and GOP presidential hopeful, Tim Pawlenty endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio Monday after the former Florida governor ducked out of the race over the weekend.

"He's strong and he's also informed," Pawlenty said on CNN early. "I think he has the total package and I think he's going to bring forward the strongest voice and the strongest image."

Yeah, right. Pawlenty knows strong and informed, explaining why his presidential hopes fared so well in Iowa.

More Strib including the image:

Trump's resounding win in South Carolina's primary on Saturday gave the billionaire businessman's unconventional candidacy its strongest boost yet. With Jeb Bush out, second-place finisher Rubio needs to consolidate backing from Republicans unsettled by Trump's unconventional, anti-establishment candidacy.

Rubio's Minneapolis rally is set for 2:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Minneapolis. Ticket details are here.

Minnesota's caucus is March 1, a week to the day after Rubio's rally. In all, 11 states will hold primaries or caucuses that day. There's one Republican contest before that, Nevada's caucus this Tuesday.

A growing roster of prominent Minnesota Republicans are backing Rubio. The latest is former Sen. Norm Coleman, who was in Bush's camp. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, whom Rubio just barely edged out in South Carolina, has also demonstrated significant support in Minnesota.

Trump's potential in Minnesota's GOP caucus has been harder to pin down.

[link in original - hopefully it's not a bad link - somebody besides me can check it]

Last sentence of that quote: Given the few electoral votes, Trump's appeal to Minnesota GOP "love that Tea and Jesus" Republicans is largely irrelevant. There is Cruz for the evangels, Rubio for the chicken hawks, and Trump for - - - Trump. May he prosper as the better of the three; faint praise being what it is. Marco in town, go, view the gravitas; canned soundbite monger that he is; expect little, and do not be disappointed. After all, look at Norm and Timmy endorsing Rubio, and quality can be judged by the company the candidate inspires and keeps.

Like Bush, Rubio and Cruz speak Spanish. Trump? When he speaks, one asks, how do you say, "Build a wall and get Mexico to pay for it," in Spanish?

________FURTHER UPDATE_________
Yet again, more Strib here, Emmer wants trade with Cuba to blossom, we sell them medical devices and agricultural products [Emmer does represent his constituency, Medtronic and Cargill], and they in turn export baseball players to us. What could work better? However, Dark Marco wants to dip his oar into the waters:

Rubio pressed Obama to reconsider his travel plans, saying in a letter it will cause "disastrous consequences" because the Castro regime has not undertaken "meaningful reforms."

"Having an American president go to Cuba simply for the sake of going there, without the United States getting anything in return, is both counterproductive and damaging to our national security interests," Rubio said.

Where exactly does that clown get off the bullshit train? Our national interests are apart from Marco's electability and clearly the latter is his major incentive to posture, but really, "damaging to our national security interests?"

Sure, since the Revolution and Eisenhower-Castro, there have been so many threats to national security that they cannot be counted; however, it must be that all of them got classified "Top Secret" so that they never made it in the news or on the Clinton email server even. Zippo. Nada. None. Marco is full of himself.

Image credit and deets on Rubio, here; see also here, here and here.

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