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Monday, February 08, 2016

ABC Newspapers has candidate Question responses, from the three on the Tuesday, Feb. 9, special election ballot.

This link. Think about reading it before you vote.

Note, the studied questions our paper's editor aptly chose dealt respectively with infrastructure, education, and spending. What government is supposed to be concentrating upon; along with taxation since grandiose spending priority setting absent revenue constraint attention is not a sound formula.

Contrast that with the absurdity of ignoring government function at the state and local level to mess around with Christian socialism; the trying to preempt questions of private sector expertise, medical research priorities, by ill-skilled individuals with great and irrational prejudices in their hearts and minds; but empty heads; this link.

Don't blame me, I voted for Perovich. Those that voted Whelan, please let the HD 35A rep know that the ABC paper understands government funciton - infrastructure, education and tax-and-spend wisdom; which is not the prejudicial monkeying around where expertise is lacking but opinion is over-represented.

Tell Whelan: Let the private sector - medical researchers - make decisions proper to it.

The hope is each of the three SD35 special election candidates has the wisdom to be restrained in matters of private sector expertise; and to be wise in clear governmental matters. And that each understands the difference between healthcare accessibility policy, a government matter; and determination of productive medical research avenues, a matter of scientific skill and expertise apart from legislators.

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