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Friday, December 11, 2015

Ted Cruz and his college friend and ongoing ally, and PACman - Princeton debate partner David Panton.

Read the items. Especially the first listed. Not all focus on Panton, so you may scan some, and then word search "Panton." With multiple links, after a point they become cumulative. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here (in depth). Here, (Cruz spouse employed by Goldman, Sachs, Panton mentioned more than once). Here. N.Y. Times, here. Images. Possibly some items might have in error been listed twice.

This web search.

Who knows of other Cruz allies, friends, and/or PACmen not listed in the above links?

I do not.

Also of interest, this item. Ditto, here.

Links specific to Panton, here, here, and two web searches, here and here.

This is a simple data dump, without judgment. Republican friends considering Cruz might want to quiz Cruz backers in Minnesota about ties, if any, to the Panton related PAC. As well as whether there is any employment or other fiscal contract between a supporter and the Cruz campaign (with campaign and PAC ostensibly not in communication in any unlawful ways where a joint employment would seem a red flag). Knowing such detail may aid Republicans in weighing fact and argument in order to choose a favored candidate at this early stage.

Hat tip to Dan Burns at MPP for posting an intriguing quote and link to an online op-ed that goes beyond a simple data dump, concluding:

His three signature moments in the Senate have been a florid smearing of Chuck Hagel with no achievable purpose other than attention for Ted Cruz, a flamboyant rebellion against Obamacare with no achievable purpose other than attention for Ted Cruz, and a fiery protest of federal funding for Planned Parenthood with no achievable purpose other than attention for Ted Cruz. Notice any pattern?

Asked about Cruz at a fund-raiser last spring, John Boehner responded by raising a lone finger — the middle one.

More recently, Senate Republicans denied Cruz a procedural courtesy that’s typically pro forma.

“That is different than anything I’ve ever seen in my years here,” Senator John McCain, the Arizona Republican, told The Washington Post.

Many politicians rankle peers. Many have detractors. Cruz generates antipathy of an entirely different magnitude. It’s so pronounced and so pervasive that he’s been forced to acknowledge it, and he spins it as the price invariably paid by an outsider who challenges the status quo, clings to principle and never backs down.

No, it’s the fruit of a combative style and consuming solipsism that would make him an insufferable, unendurable president. [...]

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