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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Is this a new paradigm of "American Dream," or an example of something else?

Story, source of the image, N.Y. Times, here.

Reuters reporting, and this websearch with links so you can read the letter to Max; this link being one.

If you want regular news links, some from a bit ago and arguably no longer timely; here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, or here, that being but a few examples of something else, from time to time, indeed, with an item or two touching Facebook stuff.

Of interest to some, the N.Y. Times item cited above links to another of the Times' outlet items, here. While knowing that some Republican friends know and will tell you they know more about climate science and how the world operates than Bill Gates knows (even with Melinda's help), one can still imagine how we could be a nation like Denmark, green and renewable and leaving the oil war fighting and death to others, perhaps to the French. And the Russians. And to Trump; although even the Danes are not immune to doing a bit of the fossil fuel shuffle; just like some of the fossils war-woofing on the Republican side of things.

In terms of climate science and its deniers, a websearch was done to find out what Michael Jungbauer is doing these days. As best as I can tell this Republican "small government" conservative is still living via public money, having been a revolving door consultant for a while in 2011-2012 with that overlapping his being in the Minnesota Senate, e.g., here and here; and apparently now on the Linwood Township payroll, Building Department, here and here; with an outdated LinkedIn page saying LANDFORM.

In terms of the apprentice advancing beyond the tutor; this online ABC Newspapers item about current HD 35A Rep. Abigale Whelan:

Whelan’s work as a legislative assistant for Sen. John Pederson and as a campaign manager for Sen. Mike Jungbauer gave her real work experience in the legislative process and campaign management, she said.

She gained a deeper understanding of the people in the district, as well as hands-on understanding of the legislative process, Whelan said. Whelan already knows what it takes to get things done in St. Paul, she said.

Whether or not Whelan is, herself, a climate science denier is unclear to the extent reader information on the question would be appreciated, via a comment.

Some readers may remember how Jungbauer, before his employment with Landform was severed, worked closely with Matt Look to get Landform and Darren Lazan into Ramsey to consult on getting the Flaherty rental building, and a McDonalds into Ramsey Town Center.

__________FURTHER UPDATE__________
In a segue from the decency and caritas of the Facebook founder spouses Chan and Zuckerberg all the way to Facebook usage maven Whelan, and that quote about "understanding the legislative process" and knowing "what it takes to get things done in St. Paul," luckily Whelan did not get done the horseshit mischief of her, Scott, Lucero, Miller, etc., in the past session's HF 1047, HF 1648, and HF 1949; read them and weep if you value education and liberty; but she also unfortunately failed to get action on meritorious effort, e.g., HF 1888, and HF 2127, getting skunked instead on the good and bad fronts.

A walking, talking, Facebooking, non-delivering disaster? You decide. Just don't blame me. I voted for Perovich.

____________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Naming the theocrat perps may help, bill by bill, to show there is a bloc of those wanting to trample their way into other people's lives, being the kind of judgmental, activist, first-stone "Christians" they are [chief author listed first]:

HF 1047:
Whelan ; Mack ; Pelowski ; Lohmer ; Lucero ; Miller ; Rarick ; Nash ; Wills ; Scott ; Theis ; Pugh ; Knoblach ; Urdahl ; Smith ; Hancock ; Vogel ; Anderson, S. ; Dean, M. ; Albright ; Pierson ; Backer ; Baker ; Uglem ; Bennett ; Peterson ; Zerwas ; Gruenhagen ; Kelly ; Franson ; Garofalo ; Quam ; Peppin ; Daniels

Companion Senate bill: SF 904
Hall ; Stumpf ; Gazelka ; Nienow ; Pratt

HF 1648 [note that an incorrect link above has been fixed]:
Whelan ; Erickson ; Lucero ; Drazkowski ; Lohmer ; Miller ; Gruenhagen ; Backer ; Rarick ; Wills ; McDonald ; Nash ; Scott ; Gunther ; Peterson

Companion Senate bill: SF 1449
Hall ; Brown ; Kiffmeyer ; Anderson ; Nienow

HF 1949:
Whelan ; Miller ; Nash ; Drazkowski ; Lohmer ; Pugh ; Gunther ; Hancock ; Heintzeman ; Gruenhagen ; Wills ; McDonald ; Lucero

Companion Senate bill: None

Clearly -- The usual perps such as Kiffmeyer and business genius Nienow; Tara Mack on the one bill; Peggy Scott and Drazkowski. (Whelan and Lucero being new kids on the bloc who are now earning their chops.)

Separation of church and state has the wisdom of centuries of European history of theo-fired conflict behind it, from Crusades to Reformation wars. May we not be doomed to repeat any of that. May we be a batter educated people than to do so. When the founders negotiated the Constitution to supersede the Articles of Confederation they knew something these clowns either miss or disdain.

HF 1047 had the biggest sponsor list, e.g., Franson on that bill but not the others, and it is the one engineered to fire the flames of the abortion hatred issue; not because any such bill would be going anywhere; but just to stir the pot.

Clearly it was doomed to die in committee, but why not chuck the bomb anyway because you can?

One has to pity Kurt Daudt in this. He has to deal with that bloc of anti-abortion bomb throwers as a part of his coalition. But the GOP did make that Faustian bargain, years ago, at all levels of national politics. There is a justice to letting them reap what they've sown.

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