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Friday, December 11, 2015

Somebody tell me, who owns Reuters, and why do they curiously not feel the Bern? Not at all. Nothing to see there? Chill the Bern, via a massive dose of complete inattention? What?

Move quickly before the chocolate melts ...

Reuters has a tag off the top menu bar, sub-item = politics

And the Trump insurgency against orthodoxy gets what the Bernie insurgency against orthodoxy deserves - media attention. Check the page items listed.

However, what Trump is saying has no real cut against the entrenched status quo, it is bread and circus, while what Bernie is saying has what we all know and feel focused razor-edge clear and logical.

Go figure.

Well, among Reuters' "politics" flotsam and jetsam, such as pastors in politics - do you think that's news -- this one item caught my attention, "Jeb Bush shows off his baby Jesus–and says what he really thinks of his father," thus earning the opening screen capture.

And you can read the item to find John Ellis Bush carries - (or had pocketed for the occasion with a planted question, you tell me) - a lil' baby-J in a pocket.

Show and tell.

All the time he says he carries it and he says he prays to it.

And he loves his dad. Likely he loves his dog too. Vicious or not ...

All that while John Ellis Bush reportedly is either not saying much - nothing actually - about our recent president and his own big brother George W. Bush; or else reporting sweeps any W mention under the carpet quickly and discretely (much as the bullet-riddled Osama body allegedly was deep-sixed by our good Navy personnel).

Nor is there any Reuters consideration about whether it was baby-J that counseled JEB! to monkey around in the Schiavo family's incredibly private affairs while holding the top job in the State of Florida, responsible for spending his paid-for time on affairs of state, i.e., attending to much stuff of unquestionably public importance.

You know, MSM doing its thing - reporting that ducks mention of the interesting stuff not said.

Crabgrass will not duck: The image from that Reuters item was captured and captioned because it drew my attention in part because of the headline. Where the baby-J stuff called to mind a Tom Waits song.

The song, to me, is interesting, so I don't duck the mention, no, because I lack MSM sophistication - but without shame in knowing that the tolerant few readers Crabgrass has will cut me slack for that inadequacy. That's known, felt actually, without any mojo pocketed or otherwise kept on my person.

Oh, hey, Lightning Hopkins ---

One insight - JEB! is lower energy than Waits or Hopkins, either of whom deserves your vote more. JEB! should take staging lessons from Waits; liven up his presentation that way, while bettering content.

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