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Monday, December 14, 2015

"If Republican primary voters ultimately reject Trump’s populist rhetoric and Carson’s outreach to evangelical Christians, it could mean the nomination of a candidate with some of the most hawkish foreign-policy positions of any modern-day nominee from a major party. So far, those positions, however repellent to most Americans, have only served to advance Rubio’s political career."

The headline is the concluding paragraph from this item. Please read it and form whatever opinion of your own fits your thinking best. If caring, there is this websearch. Whether Rubio is a greater danger of more of the same from the neocon Iraq disaster squad than Trump is, again, something voters must judge based upon what they read, or view in online video of Rubio, and of Trump. We are not privy to any candidate's heart of hearts, beyond the last cycle's Romney 47% speech which documented his offensive elitist disdain for the majority of the nation's people (recall his message was to write off 47% so that the target was to mislead and deceive a winning percentage of the rest). And then, what about the tax and other domestic policies of the various GOP and Dem candidates, Rubio, Trump, Clinton included? What if anything has really been revealed there? Bernie seems to differ from the will of millionaires and billionaires and owes nothing in terms of purchased loyalties. And Trump, at least, is his own billionaire, not beholden yet clearly in the club. Whatever else one believes about Trump, his saying he need not be beholden to contributors appears true - even if he shares their mindset, which is a question inadequately analyzed in MSM. He has enunciated a tax policy that accords with wealth ruling, same old story, nothing populist there.

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