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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Save a tree, switch to electronic-only court filings?

Click to enlarge and read. Full item, here.

How many pages does it take to explain how to change a light bulb?

Klayman's latest, 21 pages of complaint text, 54 pages of exhibits, 75 pages total, here.

I get a drift that Klayman dislikes an outcome unfavorable to him, but how far is reaching too far?

It would be best if he had a stronger focus on the NSA spying suits he's recently filed. Of course that's an opinion that Klayman's actions belittle as wrongly viewing things. He has the filing fees, so onward toward an outcome. Toward outcomes. How it is. How it should be? So far, nobody in a black robe with a big enough hammer has told Klayman to stop, so, he moves as he chooses. In America, a barrage of litigation can flow out of such a pattern. But in America, access to judicial redress is so entrenched and essential, that Klayman's volume of litigation goes with the protections you and I want for ourselves. Let Larry rile and file. See what happens. Etc.

A bit of screen capturing from early in Klayman's complaint:


You can get from that the drift of what's bothering Larry Klayman about his family court experiences. And there's more. A full 21 pages, plus exhibits. The appearance is Klayman will not allow his Ohio family court litigation repose. He keeps churning paper over it, and complains when others notice and report what he's instigating, unless reporting is favorable toward him. As if there are only two categories, favorable or wrong? Why is Klayman doing this, now? Filing in Florida against a judicial process he consented to participate in in Ohio, which was a fine venue then, for Klayman's purposes, then. Now, Florida? Why there? Why now?

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