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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Is it a "newspaper," as it poses, or a mere online propraganda organ, for GOP CD6 wannabe candidates?

Harold Hamilton has accused the author of speculative publishing, but has declined to reply to email asking the extent of his financial ties to the website calling itself "Anoka County Record." That endeavor has given the Sectretary of State's office Hamilton's Micro Control business address, as the website's address, on incorporation papers, etc.

Yes, GOP consultant, former GOP CDD4 head honcho, daycare operator, designer and registrant assistant for Harold Hamilton's "Watchdog" websites, John M. Kysylyczyn, is self-promoting himself as also being "Anoka County Record's" website publisher. He alleges ACR is him alone, but Hamilton declines, so far, to affirm or refute such a singular assertion.

In any event, do you expect anything resembling reporting vs. featuring those GOP politicians rumored as hungering for Michele Bachmann's job and paycheck - with such featuring noteworthy, either because of serendipity, or because that's how the propaganda is to be scripted, or for some other explanation (no matter how thin)?

Look at this - it is recent:

MinnPost has published on succession contestants, naming many.

Michelle Benson was not listed in that item, but we know from the ACR that Harold Hamilton's pet, Krinkie, who is said to be in the hunt, shares billing with Benson on that ACR page, while being a regular ACR published propagandist.

If it ends up that Michelle Benson does not test the waters, it will be a surprise.

ALEC's key Minnesota propagandist-operative is rumored hungering for the paycheck and seat. And that report does mention Benson as also hungering.

BIG QUESTION - Should I put myself on the primary ballot as a GOP contestant for the CD6 seat? By simply paying the filing fee, would I turn out dead last among a host of names; or would some poor soul or souls end up with even fewer GOP primary votes than I would? Reader's are welcome to endorse or dissuade my pursuing such a candidacy, via comments. If I were to pay the filing fee, I would be the only "Republican" on the ballot calling Wellstone's legacy too moderate - while fully well intentioned. Just the filing fee, no green bus activism, no green bus campaigning, no Chamber of Commerce smoozing, just one more name on the ballot?


Also, why not inject a missing level of quality and compassion into that sorry hunt?  Upgrade the ballot multitude. Who knows? I might even get outside support, Norm's PAC, or some such.

Go, Crabgrass.

Dan Erhart should put his name into the GOP primary hunt. He'd poll well. Primary voters and special election voters sometimes prove to be a special breed. With all the factionalism in the GOP tent, Dan Erhart could be a unifier, a fresh face in the GOP, as NORM was upon turncoating.

_________FURTHER UPDATE_________
Matt Look described by Paul Levy as sniffing the air, but with Rhonda headlined, and in Matt's way. Look to DC, if second fiddle gets somehow into the first chair? He's got the flag to carry, sentinel against bad government; Harold Hamilton's favorite unequivocal public transit - Northstar booster. (Harold forgives, just no forgiveness for Dan Erhart's train boosterism -- with Harold calling that waste.) On Harold's Animal Farm, all train boosting animals are NOT equal.

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