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Sunday, June 09, 2013

ECONOMIST cover - Those Brits, their sense of humor, of the absurd.

No, not the cover, just setting the table for it.

The meeting of east and west, despite Kipling.

But, back to the cover.

For those not knowing or previously not caring, ECONOMIST covers are online, here.

The latest cover on east meeting west, here; with Atlantic's editorial/news commentary about it, here.

Brokeback Summit? Again, those Brits, they are ...

The opening image suggests this meeting was with compact staffing and not something with a host of bureau personnel from each side cutting details of dealings into the future. Photo credit, the opening image is from Strib's carrying an AP story, here.

With China trade having more impact on the West Coast, see, e.g., here and here, for further AP reporting with each item terse but helpful.

A google.

Ars Technica, earlier this year, here.

Our government snoops spy on China, China spies on our high-tech firms, spies and lies and that as basis for a meeting of minds and an understanding among gentlemen? Go figure.

More stuff. Monitor editorials from earlier this year, here and here, and summit coverage, here. FEDCyber, here, here, here and here. There is, here and about. I never knew there was any such bureau, until it showed up in web search returns done for this post. TIME with a coverage slant. And full circle back to the Economist cover, and coverage.

_______FURTHER UPDATE_________
Another google; and Wikipedia.

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